Holy Pattern Collection Batman!! 

In looking through my site stats (which, I JUST found btw - cause my hosting company is not cool) and found a really cool collection of patterns:

Crochet Poet

holy smokes - it is a HUGE list. I will probably be lost in this the next few hours.

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scarflette pattern in the craftster pattern archive! 

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Frilly Scarf! Free Pattern 

Anyone who has been reading awhile knows I made this frilly scarf for Sewing Lori in the “I Love Buttons” swap on craftster.org. I wrote down the pattern as I made another one in the Ongoing Wish List Swap. I’ve finally gotten around to actually typing it up. YEAH!!

Granny Square Frilly Scarf – or the Lori scarf.


* Any yarn you like
* A hook in the size recommended for your yarn
* Needle to weave in ends


Make 6 basic granny squares – you can use any granny square pattern you like – I prefer this one because it works up really quickly.

Granny Square pattern:

* Ch 4, sl to join round
* RD1 –ch 3 (counts as 1st dc), 2 dc, chain 3 *3dc, ch 3* repeat * to* until you have 12 dc worked in the loop, sl into 3rd chain of 1st dc
* RD2 – sl to next ch sp (should be a corner), in ch sp - ch 3 (counts as 1st dc), 2 dc, ch 3, 3dc ch3, *in next ch sp - 3 dc, ch 3* repeat * to *until you come to a corner. in the corner, 3dc, ch3, 3dc ch3 (repeat each set of instructions until you come back to the beginning stitch) sl to join round.
* RD3 – sl to next ch sp, ch 3 (counts as 1st dc) in ch sp 2dc, ch3, 3dc, ch 3, *in next ch sp 3dc, ch3*. Repeat * to * for each ch sp until you come to a corner. For corner ch sp – 3dc, ch3, 3dc, ch3) repeat this pattern until you go all the way around. sl to join round
* FO leaving a long tail

When all 6 squares are completed begin to join squares by using the tails

* sl to the corner using your tail yarn. Sl into corner of a square, making sure that the tail yarn for you’re the following square is as close as possible to the opposite side you’re working on.
* Continue joining all 6 squares in the same manner.

You will be working the finishing like one long row all the way around.

Pick up your working yarn again.

* Starting at one corner end, join yarn in the 1st dc next to the ch sp. sl in 1st dc
* PART 1 - 6tr in each ch sp, sc in each dc until you reach a join between squares.
* PART 2 - Make 3dc around the join (like you would in a loop) – this should be treated like an extra ch space. Since the corners of the joins use the ch space in the corners you will need to sc until you get to the next ch space (see image below to get an idea of what it should look liek when you go around the second half of the scarf)
* Repeat Part 1 then Part 2 for each square and each join all the way around.
* FO
* Weave in ends
* Embellish as you please!

Please post pictures in the comments if you use the pattern!
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water bottle holder - Free Pattern 

I'm FINALLY getting around to posting the pattern for a water bottle holder I made for the Ongoing Wish List swap on Craftster.org.


* hook of your choice - what ever is recommended for your yarn.
* cotton yarn with some stretch (I used yarn that was lighter than worsted weight)


* chain 4
* sl in 1st chain to form a loop
* work 8 sc in loop
* sl to join round


RD 1 - ch 1, sc in same stitch (2 sc - ch1 counts as 1st stitch), *sc in next stitch, 2sc in teh following stitch* repeat from * to * until you get back to the join - sl into ch1 stitch of round [12 stiches]
RD2 - repeat Rd 1 [18 st]
RD3 - repeat Rd 1 [27 st]
RD4 - repeat Rd 1 [40 st]
RD5 - repeat Rd 1 [60 st] - this should be enough for a smal bottle with small yarn - you can keep going if you need a larger bottle size.
RD6 - repeat Rd 1 [88 st]


RD7 - ch1, sc in same stitch, sc each stitch in rd, sl to join round (this row should now appear to be on the edge of the circle you just made).
RD8 - Begin mesh - ch 6, skip 2 sc, 1 tr in next stitch repeat from * to * (all sc in round) sl into 4th ch on 1st stitch to join rd.
REPEAT RD8 until the holder is the desired height.


RDx - ch1, sc in each stitch around, sl to join round
RDx+1 - sc in next 8 stitches
RDx+2 - ch1, turn, sc in each stitch across.

REPEAT RD x+2 until strap is desired length

Flatten the main body of the holder to determine placement on other side of holder (should be directly opposite from the other side of strap).

sl into sc to join strap to holder.


Weave in ends


Let me know if you try this pattern, by leaving a comment.
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crochet mushrooms 

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Cthulhu Crochet and Cousins: Tiny Cthulhu! Free Pattern

Unfortunately, not mine but SUPER cute! Must make one for my Lovecraft loving baby bro!
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crochet diagram 

I did not understand diagramming at all until I started working on a crochet pattern to share. I wasn't counting as I was going, so I had to figure out a way to count the stitches without having to redo everything. and so a diagram was born - I totally get it now. I just have to decipher the symbols that are common.

Here's a shot of my sketch book to show what I did to count the stitches:

They look kind of like little people! this is the largest round of the pattern, you can see bits of the smaller rounds to the top left and right.
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Scarflette - Free Pattern 

These take me about 1.5 to 3 hours depending on yarn weight and gauge (the smaller/lighter the yarn, the longer it takes)

And here's the pattern...

Stuff you need:

• ¾ a skein of yarn
• One bead with a large hole drilled in it (can be pre-bought or bored out yourself)
• 1 large button
• 1 crochet hook
• 1 tapestry needle

Important things to remember:
1. Gauge is not important
2. Hook and yarn choice determine width of scarf

You will crochet 3 sections, do not FO at end of each section

Section 1

Chain 9, sc into 2nd stitch from the hook , sc in all remaining ch, ch1 and turn

Repeat until section 1 is 2 inches tall

Section 2

Chain 4 and turn, tr into 2nd stitch from end of row, tr until end of row until all sc are stitched into.

Chain 4 and turn, tr into the second tr in the row below, tr into all tr in the row below. Repeat until desired length

Section 3

Chain 1 and turn, Sc into all stitches in the row

Repeat until the section is 3 inches tall (4” if you are using a heavier weight yarn), FO and weave in tails


Follow Stitch Diva’s Free flower pattern here.

Instead of spreading out the spiral as much as in the instructions, I piled the resulting rows together to make a fluffy flower. Stitch flower together with 1 tail end as instructed by stitch diva. DO NOT CUT TAIL OFF, you will still need it to complete the flower attachment on the scarf.


Attach flower to 3” side of the scarflette by threading the bead onto one of the tails of your flower and threading it through the center of the flower to the back, all the way through the scarf. Add your button at this point and secure with the remaining tail end. Use the 2nd tail to more securely fashion the flower to the larger side of the scarf.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions - and please post a picture if you make one!
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