almost a year already 

ok - I'm so sorry that I haven't been posting. I really have been slowly (very slowly) transferring all my posts to the new content management system so I can start playing around with the look and feel. Life has been crazy, work has been crazy, and I have a crazy puppy.

No excuses - I promise it won't be another year before you see the new site.
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really, I swear this time 

ok - I'm on the real final countdown to moving my site. It's going to look A LOT better than this one and it's going on new servers and a new host. development begins soon and once everything is ready I'll be changing hosts and re-routing every page.

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hems? or hmmms?? 

I may have mentioned this before but I'm tall - six feet tall. I dread buying pants, not because I don't love shopping but, because of the lacking selection of long length pants.

I have a way around it... a secret(ish) thing I will share!

1) Buy cuffed regular length pants and pick out the stitching in cuff
2) Use that extra fabric to hem them at a better length

Today, I bought these pants at Target. I unpicked the cuff and hem and then re-sewed it. I consulted Mary Jo over at trust your style before finishing up, but now I have a fashionably long pair of pants that I only paid 25 bucks for! yeah!

According to Mary Jo - the hem should fall between the middle and top of your high heels. :)
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finally made it to sxsw 

It took 24 hours from door step to door step, but I made it to Austin yesterday afternoon.

I've had my fill of gingerbread pancakes at 2 different cafes - Kerby Lane Cafe and Omlettery.

Bike racks at the convention center:

Surface demo a the Microsoft booth:

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the journey begins 

I'm on my way to South by South West in Austin . I started the journey yeterday, leaving the Boy and the Dog around 1 PM. My flight was delayed for several hours - just long enough to miss a connection in Denver.

I spent the night at the Double Tree Hotel - their squichy beds and cookies are awesome. If it were not for several calls from the Boy, a timer on my phone, a wake up call from the hotel, and an alarm clock, I would probably still be asleep.

Here's the view from my room. It's a crappy phone cam shot but still - it gives you an idea of day.

One good thing though - I got to see the sun start to rise over the airport as I was coming in. so pretty....

Hopefully, I will be able to sleep on the plane.

Time to go catch up on work stuff.
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Renji takes on Hollywood 

Lee finally posted the best photo!

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Happy Valentines 

My apologies for being away so long the puppy and work are taking far more time than I ever thought possible.

Here is the little guy at Runyon Canyon this morning - all tuckered out before we headed home.

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End of 2009 - Bring on 2010 

...Please.... '09 sucked and I want it over and done with. I am over joyed to start a new decade in the 2000's.

Thinking about what I was doing 10 years ago today, I realized I was having a tough time then too.

In 2000, I worked for a struggling boutique web company at the tail end of the Internet Boom. My boss was a passive aggressive scam artist with a swelled head because he just sold his company to another, more crappy, more corporate internet development firm.

I had moved back to Austin from Houston a few years prior and was hating life because Austin, Texas was (and still is) a cess pool of selfish, self aggrandizing, schmucks who literally don't do anything but brag about how much money they make. But Austin was home and I was scared even with Lee to back me up. I had chickened out and lost my confidence when my job at ADV Films went away.

Ten years later, I am doing much better both at work and personally but this year was hard. Really tough international project at work that took up most of the year, saying goodbye to Faust, my friend Glynda had a brain hemorrhage, and oh yeah - I got hit by car door being opened while biking. Best part of this year was Japan but even that had problems - Mobiky breaking down and the heat that was overbearing.

I am now a senior manager working on a major entertainment company's web site, I married the best boy ever, I ahve a puppy again, I have good friends and know who I can count on and who is genuine.

As much as I've just complained about '09 I have to say "Thanks" to 2000 - 2009, I actually learned a lot about myself and a lot about people.

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Happy Holiday and A New Friend 

Whatever your Holy Day is this year - I hope you have a good one.

A New Friend

After Faust passed away - Lee and I knew we wanted to get another dog soon. And we have - meet Renji.

The lovely folks at Robin Hill Kennel in Missouri are his parent's pack leaders.
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Happy Thanksgiving to my friends & family in the US! Happy Thursday for everyone else :)

I am thankful for many things but this guy is #1 in my book:

Taken several years ago at Anime Expo.

I am also thankful for:

My Job
Los Angeles

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