My friend, Miss Mowie, introduced me to odosketch via face book.

sketch out an image and save it!

This is one of my sketches

when you click on the sketch is draws in the same way drew it so you can see the artist's process - which is my favorite part!

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G1 Review or how I love my new phone 

I'm not going to bother comparing the T-mobile G phone to any other smart phones because I feel that a comparison is a waste of your reading time. The only comparison I would be able to make is between the G1 and a Blackberry, not an iphone or a Windows mobile since I do not have hands on experience with either one of those phones.

Here's the short version:

I love it as much, if not more, than a Blackberry.

The long version:


The screen is just big enough for me to read an average webpage. Text displays well at a good readable size and is not fuzzy. Zooming in to get a bigger version is really simple too - a touch based magnifying glass appears whenever you move around on screen in an application.

The pictures are clear and the desktop is nicely arranged and configurable by the user.

You do need a screen protector, though. I got a pretty stout one - the invisible shield. It works well and doesn't interfere with the touch screen capabilities.

My only complaint is that sometimes the touch screen is a little slow to respond, but I think that has to do with how cold my hands generally are. The colder your hands, the more difficult it is to get the screen to react.


The keyboard is a little small - I have fairly big hands for a woman, though totally proportional for someone my size and height. The bottom section of the phone where the roller ball and buttons are located does stick out from the phone but it is easy to type around.

I love that the keys have a click to them - you know for sure that you have pressed a button. The developer has smartly given you some pretty standard web and email keys like @, , , /.


The camera is not great. It takes pictures but is slow to focus and has a distinctly blue tinge. The blue could be taken out with some playing around in Photoshop but that sort of defeats the purpose of taking a picture with your camera phone. It takes decent pictures if you ignore the blue. It works well enough for better than average facebook or twitter update pictures but don't expect works of art.


I smoothly integrated my google apps for domains in place of gmail. However - your phone is locked to gmail if you log in the first time with it, so you need to choose before hand if you want to do apps for domains or gmail.

The calendar is fabulous - I have not had such easy calendar sharing in any other application. I allow a gmail or apps for domains user to see my calendar and it just shows up. Husband and I are linked up this way, so he sees all my appointments and I see all of his. It cuts out a lot of confusion when trying to plan the weekend or evening.

IM is great if you are using google talk but AIM and Yahoo suck the battery dry in a few hours of use. I recommend carrying your charger if AIM is your favorite IM client.

Overall the interface is familiar if you have used any smart phone and any google application. You will understand how it works intuitively.

Some big complaints I have are that there is no spell checker or integrated note pad though. While note pads are available in the app store, I can't find a decent spell checker.

The android marketplace has a ton of free or low cost applications for download to make your phone even more customizable. Some of the same apps are also available for iphone.

I personally like:

* Fbook - direct facebook interface
* Abook - book reader
* World Clock - customizable app that will show you city times (VERY helpful for my job)
* YellowBook - phone book app based on your location
* Mahjong - everyone needs a game :)
* Compare Anywhere and Shop Savy - barcode scanner shopping programs. (Scan the barcode and your handheld searches online for better prices)

I also have the constitution, a calculator and few other weirdo apps (like bubblewrap - all it is is a screen with fake bubble wrap).

I will say - while I can't compare the devices - more than one person has told me or my husband that they ditched their iphone for a G1.

Love this phone

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So I finally got around to burning a feed for the site. Check it out down near the bottom. I already have one person signed up.

If you use another reader there are still the links at teh bottom to the Atom and RSS versions. as well.

G1 review coming soon... for real this time.
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Repeats - a test 

Argh! I'm trying to set up my little swirly design as a repeat for printing (maybe spoonflower or maybe fabrics on demand). The design repeats perfectly in software but when I try to break it down into a square or rectangle I seem to be getting 1 pixel off.

This is from my desktop:

Would you like to try it? Please leave me a comment and I'll send you the file.

And how super, super cool is it that you can have fabric printed with your own design and now there are TWO companies doing it?

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cool new tools 

Heather Bailey did her March of the Tools series again this year - my favorite one mentioned is the Color Munki. really really want one of these.

True Up has an article on using Pantone swatch books to match colors in fabrics[/url]. They mention at least one site that lists Pantone colors in conjunction with fabrics.

oddly enough, Boing Boing Gadgets has a tutorial for creating your own letter press. Not sure how viable it is, but could be cool.

Make your own crocheted bike seat cover with the translated pattern from Carina's Crafty Blog.

Anyone in LA want 2 TV's and 2 monitors for free? email me via the "contact me" link at the top. TV's are completely functional. large CRT monitor has a gun going out and I have no idea what's wrong with the other one except that it is showing signs of going completely dark. Could be used for art projects maybe?

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World Builder 

If you haven't seen this video - you should watch it right away. It's beautiful.

World Builder from Bruce Branit on Vimeo.
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adventures with a vinyl cutter 

ok - I know this will sound weird but in our investigation of embroidery sewing machines, husband and I found that a piece of equipment we have wanted for years came down in price significantly. (do not ask how we got from embroidery machines and digitizing software to vinyl sticker cutter, I have no idea, but we did.)

It's the Roland Stika - home vinyl and decal cutter.

We got the smallest of the 3 available, at much more reasonable, largely discounted price. It was comparable to some of the scrap booking paper cutters I've seen out there.

It comes with a plug in for Illustrator that prints directly to the machine, which acts like a printer or plotter. It's sounds slow in the specs, but we have not had to wait more than a minute or 2 for a large design to finish. We are like little kids, putting stickers on everything we can think of to stick them on.

The machine came in on Friday and husband did a few test cuts to make sure it was working (it came with one scrap sheet of vinyl). Our supplies came in yesterday and we've been cutting away ever since.

First up, the Anssi chair from Ikea. I cut one of my designs out after some fiddling in Illustrator.

These are the stools for the new work room. We went yesterday and picked up two.

Second, my suitcase got a big passion flower on it this morning...

before I removed the transfer tape:

after I removed the transfer tape:

the top picture is truer to the color of the suitcase. the vinyl I used in both cases is a bright bubble gum pink.

Husband has made two cuts of our family crest (see his site, top left), one for his bike rack and one for his suit case. He also cut some logos from his favorite show, Gundam and put them on his bike and G1. My attempt to put the passion flower on my G1 was a no go, but I think it's the soft touch finish of the phone. Husband has made another attempt and we will see what happens when he wakes up.

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New Year - New Stuff 

Another year down!!

This time last year, I was struggling with what to do with my career. I switched teams in Jan 08 and I think I made a good decision staying at the company, but working for someone else. The last year has been great working with all the folks around the world that keep the local websites up and running.

Next year will be much more creative. Husband and I have had much fun this last year just playing with the money we have instead of being responsible.

09 will see a switch - while we will still not be saving much, we will be improving our personal portfolios and creating more art. We have resolved to collaborate on a few projects and improve the state of our personal studio production capability. That means, buying a vacuum chamber, pre-production and production of several photo shoots, me learning how to use the CNC machine in engraving mode, taking classes and generally being much more serious about our art.

On another side note - I'm working on another pattern that should be done soon. It's one of the most complex pieces I've worked on so far, requiring more shading than I usually do and significantly more components. It is making me want to pull my hair out in bunches (see my "I HATE ADOBE" post below).

Last night I sat down to work on the new design again and decided I really just needed a short break before working on it so, I made the simple pattern below. I present dots and stripes:

Have a good new year!!
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I got frustrated in Illustrator again - just because it takes me sooooo much more time than Flash.

That is until today!

I opened Flash CS3 just to sketch something out real quick AND it doesn't work like it used to!! The point selector (white arrow) now uses handles!!

At least the line selector (black arrow) lets you bend the curves as always or I think I would have cried.



end temper tantrum...

back to your regular blog....
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crafty techno nerd love 

wow - people after my own heart. nerdy and crafty and techie all at the same time.


using self developed modeling tools inspired by nature Nervous System makes gorgeous, gorgeous jewelry

I am inspired to pull out the plastic myself now....

Borrowed a pic from their blog:

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