Leaf Repeat  

So I'm not one of the finalists, but I had a request from Alice at Future Girl to see the full repeat of my leaf design so I thought I would go ahead and share.

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Another Contest 

I swear that I will be adding something other than spoonflower contest entries at some point but literally very little has been done creatively outside of making tiles for these contests.

Spoonflower teamed up with a company that makes baby carriers called Boba . There were tons of entries (260 total - eep:) ) so they are asking to narrow down to 16 finalists!

right now you can vote on which designs will make the cut!

Here's my entry:

vote for all the ones you like on the spoonflower site .
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snowflakes - design contest entry 

well - I have been spending time making patterns... and I entered another contest on Spoonflower!!

Check it out:

retro snow flakes

I like it alot!!

You can vote for all the entries on the spoonflower site.

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Repeat Process 

I thought I would show the process by which I made the repeat below. I had a lot of help from Julia Rothman's tutorial on Design Sponge.

First step was to draw something:

I then cut it into 4 quarters and re-taped them back together so that the middle was open to draw in (you essentially put the origianal out side edges together in the middle):

I added some doodles between the original parts of the drawing:

Then - the image was scanned into Illustrator, producing this:

I then tweaked the edges of the repeat in Illustrator and recolored to match the palette for the Spoon Flower contest


Please vote for me!
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Designer support! 

I need some moral support :)

As you may or may not remember, I've been dabbling with surface pattern design for a few years now and this past week I entered my first fabric design contest on SpoonFlower.com. I'm SUPER nervous! I'm not sure I even have a chance, but would you please vote for me?

Blog post with all the entries is here:
http://blog.spoonflower.com/2010/01/81- ... brics.html

I'm #51 and here is a link to my design:
http://www.spoonflower.com/fabric_items ... _id=137164

The poll shuffles the entries every time you go to vote so I can't tell you which page (of 4) I'm on :(

thanks a lot for your help!

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VejaCeclia - pattern making tutorial 

of course I have failed to remember HOW I found this site but you should check out the pattern design at vejaceclia. She has a couple of tutorials on her site.

Tutorial 1

Tutorial 2

I found the first one more interesting, but she has a couple more linked to in those posts. lots of fun!

I managed to stay away from any stores yesterday - how about you?
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My shop! 

I finally got around to setting up a shop!!

Woo Hoo!!

I put the chick pendant up for sale as well as a few of my cuffs and stickers. Check it out, please :)
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fabric for sale! 

spoonflower is now allowing designers to sell their wares through the site with a commission. $1.80 per yard of quilting weight fabric. Basically a 10% commission on each sale.

I guess I should get off my rear end finally upload my designs.
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more Paper Olive! 

oh my goodness!! oh my goodness!!

Mar's been nominated for 2 awards on the Weddingchannel.com!!

From her site:

we've been nominated in the best wedding vendor blog category, as well as best wedding blog. sincerely, considering that we are fans of many of our competitors, it is an honor to be listed among them. just take look at this fabulous list of nominees.

I don't ask for stuff often - but can you pretty pretty please go vote for her?

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Yellow Goat 

I have seen this young lady all over the internet lately

Yellow Goat - cute and whimsical accessories. Below is my favorite...

Half Empty/Half Full

Her Blog
Her Store

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