Leaf Repeat  

So I'm not one of the finalists, but I had a request from Alice at Future Girl to see the full repeat of my leaf design so I thought I would go ahead and share.

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Another Contest 

I swear that I will be adding something other than spoonflower contest entries at some point but literally very little has been done creatively outside of making tiles for these contests.

Spoonflower teamed up with a company that makes baby carriers called Boba . There were tons of entries (260 total - eep:) ) so they are asking to narrow down to 16 finalists!

right now you can vote on which designs will make the cut!

Here's my entry:

vote for all the ones you like on the spoonflower site .
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snowflakes - design contest entry 

well - I have been spending time making patterns... and I entered another contest on Spoonflower!!

Check it out:

retro snow flakes

I like it alot!!

You can vote for all the entries on the spoonflower site.

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Repeat Process 

I thought I would show the process by which I made the repeat below. I had a lot of help from Julia Rothman's tutorial on Design Sponge.

First step was to draw something:

I then cut it into 4 quarters and re-taped them back together so that the middle was open to draw in (you essentially put the origianal out side edges together in the middle):

I added some doodles between the original parts of the drawing:

Then - the image was scanned into Illustrator, producing this:

I then tweaked the edges of the repeat in Illustrator and recolored to match the palette for the Spoon Flower contest


Please vote for me!
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fabric for sale! 

spoonflower is now allowing designers to sell their wares through the site with a commission. $1.80 per yard of quilting weight fabric. Basically a 10% commission on each sale.

I guess I should get off my rear end finally upload my designs.
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Publisher Textiles 

I found a new textile design house that I am in love with today!!

Swooning!! drum roll please.....


found via Floating World from Japan Craft Journal

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Making Fabric 

I added a new tutorial category to the blog today and had to go through and republish a bunch of old posts with new categories.

WEll - I realized I never posted part 2 of a "how fabric is made" article awhile back.

Here's Part 2 of Rick Cohan on Making Fabric

very interesting indeed!
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cool new tools 

Heather Bailey did her March of the Tools series again this year - my favorite one mentioned is the Color Munki. really really want one of these.

True Up has an article on using Pantone swatch books to match colors in fabrics[/url]. They mention at least one site that lists Pantone colors in conjunction with fabrics.

oddly enough, Boing Boing Gadgets has a tutorial for creating your own letter press. Not sure how viable it is, but could be cool.

Make your own crocheted bike seat cover with the translated pattern from Carina's Crafty Blog.

Anyone in LA want 2 TV's and 2 monitors for free? email me via the "contact me" link at the top. TV's are completely functional. large CRT monitor has a gun going out and I have no idea what's wrong with the other one except that it is showing signs of going completely dark. Could be used for art projects maybe?

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Craftster Meet Up!  

So yesterday I got together with several other craftster members to roam the fashion district. It was very nice to get to meet a few people with similar interests the I didn't meet at work. :-) Here's everyone but me sippin' on starbuck's:

LA Chocoholic (susana) & raeraethejetplane (Rachel)

Neecerie (Denise)

Of course I didn't think to have anyone take a group shot for us! :(

Th fashion district... you know you're home when the signs have scissors on them:

Beads Factory...

good prices and great selection

Michael Levine's - we went to the main store and the $2 a pound store (and yes, you read that right, TWO DOLLARS A POUND):

Here are some fabrics from some of my favorite designers shot surreptitiously inside the store:

Alexander Henry:

Amy Butler (assorted lines):

Heather Bailey (assorted lines, mostly pop garden & Bijoux):

Lizzy House (Lizzy Dish line):

Paula Prass (Par Avion Line):

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no silly - not like Star Trek!!

Like a textile designer...

Abigail Borg.

She has a lovely website and stunning patterns. She seems to work primarily with florals, which is just fine by me ;)

go have a look see!

image copied from abigail's site - all rights belong to her unless stated otherwise on her site.

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