almost a year already 

ok - I'm so sorry that I haven't been posting. I really have been slowly (very slowly) transferring all my posts to the new content management system so I can start playing around with the look and feel. Life has been crazy, work has been crazy, and I have a crazy puppy.

No excuses - I promise it won't be another year before you see the new site.
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finally made it to sxsw 

It took 24 hours from door step to door step, but I made it to Austin yesterday afternoon.

I've had my fill of gingerbread pancakes at 2 different cafes - Kerby Lane Cafe and Omlettery.

Bike racks at the convention center:

Surface demo a the Microsoft booth:

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the journey begins 

I'm on my way to South by South West in Austin . I started the journey yeterday, leaving the Boy and the Dog around 1 PM. My flight was delayed for several hours - just long enough to miss a connection in Denver.

I spent the night at the Double Tree Hotel - their squichy beds and cookies are awesome. If it were not for several calls from the Boy, a timer on my phone, a wake up call from the hotel, and an alarm clock, I would probably still be asleep.

Here's the view from my room. It's a crappy phone cam shot but still - it gives you an idea of day.

One good thing though - I got to see the sun start to rise over the airport as I was coming in. so pretty....

Hopefully, I will be able to sleep on the plane.

Time to go catch up on work stuff.
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weekend - love the weekend 

hmmm - so far I have managed to:

- throw myself over the handle bars of my bike trying to learn how to properly jump a curb
- spend 3 hours at a hospital - only for them to tell me nothing is broken (good news - but the wait, OI!)
- cut out more stickers for my post below
- enter a bunch of blog give aways (go check out sew mama sew)
- as soon as hubby gets up, we're off to Bicycle Kitchen again - gotta see if they have a spoke cutter and to donate left over bike parts.
- head over to Little Tokyo to pick up our subscriptions from kinokuniya book store.

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LA Superior Court Again! 

I'm stuck - my selection panel was not released yesterday evening so I had to report again today.
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LA Superior Court 

I am stuck in the court house all day as part of my civic duty.

anyone want to share their horror stories?

I've been here since 7:30 this morning and it's SUPER boring. But I at least thought to bring my laptop.

Met a lovely crafter in the ladies room after orientation. Chloe Nil - see her stuff on etsy.

3:30 PM update - got picked for a jury selection panel but I have to shake my head at the listen comprehension of my fellow Los Angeleans. wow - for real - it's amazing.
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sewing machine is officially dead  

yeah - I left it sitting for a long time after the last debacle because I was so put off. I just got around to digging through internet archives last night to find instructions on fixing it.

I went through them all and tried every known suggestion. the needle is not hitting the bobbin chase any more, but not it won't pick up the bobbin thread and makes a "chunk" noise when I start sewing.

ARGH! oh well - I officially am putting the machine back in the box and am sending it to salvation army along with the monitors that need to be picked up.

poor little machine, I'm sorry you are sick and I can't fix you, but it would cost as much to buy a new one as it would to fix your problems.

pictures of the inside:

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the Oscars 

this is the time of year to hate the Oscars.

Even though I work for a company that is up for a nomination, I don't watch them in protest of what happens to my neighborhood.

I live in Tourist Central - Hollywood. I expect traffic jams, people roaming about loudly caterwauling in the middle of the night, and other such nonsense but, the Oscars are another ball of wax entirely.

You cannot drive on Hollywood Blvd in half a mile in either direction from the corner of Hollywood and Highland. the subway station is closed the ENTIRE day. Metro bypasses the stop on Oscars day.

forget trying to leave your apartment that day if you live in the area, oh yeah, and expect helicopters ALL DAY AND NIGHT the weekend of the event.

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sicky sick sick 

I have been really sick this week.

I started the week just fine, but by Wednesday afternoon I was sniffly and achy. Thursday I woke up and couldn't breathe out of my nose. Strange colors were leaking from said nose.

I had a sinus infection - AGAIN!!

I called in sick to work two days in a row, missed Disney Land with the HerShe Group, and missed out on being point on a web campaign that I really wanted to work on. I never call in sick - but I got too bad, too fast. Them's the breaks, I guess.

Pictures and pretty stuff coming soon, I promise. If I make it through the work day tomorrow with out dying and coming home early, I will be posting again.

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Renting in Los Angeles 

I'm grumbling again....

I have a love hate relationship with my apartment.

I love:

- easy access to everything I want to see or visit within a 5 mile radius
- urban, it's in the heart of Hollywood
- no pet deposit when we moved in
- great neighbors
- great neighborhood

I hate:

- the maintenance guy
- that my electricity is flaky
- that my AC is flaky
- repairs in general

Let me explain... It's always our fault something isn't working. We have had long running issues with our air conditioning unit. There is a freon leak somewhere in the system. The cooling unit is on our roof and the blower and intake are actually in our apartment. Our AC has to be re-charged with Freon every year and the management doesn't want to disassemble the building to fix the leak, so they just keep recharging it and telling us all the dog hair in our apartment is clogging the system up.

The electricity in our apartment is freaky and has been for the past year - we keep blowing circuits on breakers that have had the SAME exact electronics plugged in for years. For example - our refrigerator and microwave are on the same circuit and have been for about 4 years. A few months ago, all of the sudden and on random occasions, turning on the microwave while the compressor for the refrigerator was on started tripping the circuit breaker. And of course, it's our fault for having too much stuff plugged in. Come ON, really???!!! same electronics, same circuits, four years, no problems. Not my fault!!! Your power sucks - replace our circuit box with heavier duty circuits already. But no.

Our garbage disposal got clogged up, this time my fault (I stupidly put artichoke leaves in the disposal as well as rice). no problem. the maintenance guy comes out cleans it out and we're back in business, but the sink doesn't drain very well. Eh - I live with it. Fast forward to Monday morning..... husband juices a few oranges and sticks the rind in the disposal. The sink backs up and the disposal refuses go. ARGGHH!!!!

Instead of calling maintenance, Husband replaced it. very manly manly of my techno nerdie husband ;) we bought a much nicer unit that will be replaced with a crappy (but nicer than the one had) unit when we move out. He even snaked the drain pipe!! As it turns out my clog had backed up further in the pipe than the maintenance guy thought and it was mostly plugged up anyway.

We will be doing all the maintenance ourselves from now on.

Getting an AC guy and electrician in are next on the list...
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