hems? or hmmms?? 

I may have mentioned this before but I'm tall - six feet tall. I dread buying pants, not because I don't love shopping but, because of the lacking selection of long length pants.

I have a way around it... a secret(ish) thing I will share!

1) Buy cuffed regular length pants and pick out the stitching in cuff
2) Use that extra fabric to hem them at a better length

Today, I bought these pants at Target. I unpicked the cuff and hem and then re-sewed it. I consulted Mary Jo over at trust your style before finishing up, but now I have a fashionably long pair of pants that I only paid 25 bucks for! yeah!

According to Mary Jo - the hem should fall between the middle and top of your high heels. :)
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Renji takes on Hollywood 

Lee finally posted the best photo!

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Happy Valentines 

My apologies for being away so long the puppy and work are taking far more time than I ever thought possible.

Here is the little guy at Runyon Canyon this morning - all tuckered out before we headed home.

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End of 2009 - Bring on 2010 

...Please.... '09 sucked and I want it over and done with. I am over joyed to start a new decade in the 2000's.

Thinking about what I was doing 10 years ago today, I realized I was having a tough time then too.

In 2000, I worked for a struggling boutique web company at the tail end of the Internet Boom. My boss was a passive aggressive scam artist with a swelled head because he just sold his company to another, more crappy, more corporate internet development firm.

I had moved back to Austin from Houston a few years prior and was hating life because Austin, Texas was (and still is) a cess pool of selfish, self aggrandizing, schmucks who literally don't do anything but brag about how much money they make. But Austin was home and I was scared even with Lee to back me up. I had chickened out and lost my confidence when my job at ADV Films went away.

Ten years later, I am doing much better both at work and personally but this year was hard. Really tough international project at work that took up most of the year, saying goodbye to Faust, my friend Glynda had a brain hemorrhage, and oh yeah - I got hit by car door being opened while biking. Best part of this year was Japan but even that had problems - Mobiky breaking down and the heat that was overbearing.

I am now a senior manager working on a major entertainment company's web site, I married the best boy ever, I ahve a puppy again, I have good friends and know who I can count on and who is genuine.

As much as I've just complained about '09 I have to say "Thanks" to 2000 - 2009, I actually learned a lot about myself and a lot about people.

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Happy Thanksgiving to my friends & family in the US! Happy Thursday for everyone else :)

I am thankful for many things but this guy is #1 in my book:

Taken several years ago at Anime Expo.

I am also thankful for:

My Job
Los Angeles

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We were devastated when Faust got sick in July, but even more so when he stopped being able to get up by himself on November 6. The following week, on the 10th, we took him to the wonderful Two Hands Four Paws physical therapists to try to help him get his strength back. But before the therapists developed a recovery plan for him, they asked that we have his hips xrayed. After telling the doctors at the animal hospital designated for the xrays that Faust had previous problems with his chest, they took pictures of his lungs to assist in the diagnosis.

This was when we received the worst news possible. It was more devastation - his hips were the same, his lungs were worse. There were completely blocked airways in his left lung and many clouded airways in his right lung. He was diagnosed with chronic lung disease and we were told that there would be nothing more we could do for him other than make him as comfortable as we could, for as long as we could. His hip problems were compounded by chronic lung disease that left him without enough breath, and there fore energy, to support both his hips and his failing lungs. He was in a tremendous amount of pain that he couldn't overcome, even though the only outward sign was his inability to stand up and walk on his own.

Unable to get up, communication with my husband and I was more difficult for him since he couldn't walk to and point at what he wanted. He was frustrated as well as embarrassed when we helped him.

Instead of prolonging his suffering, we made the most difficult choice of our lives. We decided to let him go before all of his problems became even worse and he was a still happy doggie. We didn't want his last day to be spent suffering, lying in a vet's office. Despite all the problems, he was still trying to make us feel better every time he saw us upset. We took our time trying to decide what to do with the time we had and how we would go about it.

In the end his lungs decided for us. On November 15th, he began to develop pneumonia again. He was coughing frequently and we could hear the fluid in his lungs trying to come out with every breathe. While we were hoping to have more time and didn't know it was the last weekend until late Sunday evening, that weekend was filled with amazing and fun "last times" - last time he played his favorite game (blanket monster - gnawing on our hands through our comforter), last time he got in his bean bag, last time he got on the couch (we had to help but it was clearly what he wanted), last howling, last time he got in bed with us, last time we got kisses (he was oh so heartbreakingly sparing with those kisses).

Husband and I made the final arrangements for him on Monday the 16th and said goodbye to him that night. He made such a strong bond with the people who knew him that our friends, from across the US and around the world, called when they heard the news in order to say goodbye to Faust or comfort us.

We gave our sweet boy the happiest time we could that day. We took him to a park to watch people and cars. He took in every little detail, wanting to go catch the squirrels and chase the other dogs. We shared one last meal with him, something he loved - cheese burgers & French fries. Lee and Faust matched each other bite for bite with those burgers and we all had a bit from each bunch of fries pulled from the bag. Faust even tried to take a bite off my sandwich, even though it had no beef.

Faust was the best dog ever. Despite having bad hips and being sick - he was happy until the very end.

Faust Lloyd, also known as:

Faustie Waustie
Fausta Wausta
Faustus Maximus
The Fuzziest Faustinator
Stinker Winker
Fuzzy Butt
Fuzzy Lumpkins
Fuzz Miester Faustie
Little Old Dude
The Fuzzy Alarm Clock
Shut Up (as a result of being the fuzzy alarm clock)
King of the Bed
Prince Faust
Drool Monster

We will love you and miss you forever, Faust - Second in Command for defense of the House of Lloyd, Sounder of all Alarms, King of our hearts, Faithful and Loving Friend, the most beautiful dog to walk the earth.

Rest in Peace
Faust Lloyd
January 9, 1997 to November 16, 2009

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Inside My Bag 

Mary Jo over at Trust Your Style posted a lovely article about design and the contents of your purse.

Here's what's in mine:

* My brown JillšE camera bag purse
* Pouch that came with the bag - I use it to hold pictures and the sundry tiny things I need on a daily basis
* Sketch book from Kinokuniya in Little Tokyo
* Notebook (with paint chip on the cover to hide a random company logo - since it was a giveaway)
* Business card holder
* Badge for work
* Pens and Pencils
* Fan
* My G1
* My Work Blackberry
* Some wet wipes left over from Japan trip

Be the first one to guess which military force from Gundam the logo on the card holder is - I'll send you a sticker from my shop in any of the colors listed.

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My shop! 

I finally got around to setting up a shop!!

Woo Hoo!!

I put the chick pendant up for sale as well as a few of my cuffs and stickers. Check it out, please :)
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trust your style is awesome 

woo hoo! I won:

from trust your style :)

Thank you, Mary Jo!!
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Cities, Bicycles, and the Future of Getting Around 

Friday night, Husband and I went to see David Byrne talk about one of our favorite things - Bicycles.

The event was held at the Aratani Theater in Little Tokyo. It was AMAZING to see so many people who were cyclists or intersted in urban commuting all in one place. So many enthusiastic folks packed into a theater.

Clipped from the ALOUD site:

Cities, Bicycles, and the Future of Getting Around, An Evening with: David Byrne, artist/musician, and special guests Jimmy Lizama, Michelle Mowery & Donald Shoup

The talks each guest gave were really interesting, David Byrne spoke about the differences in bike commuting around the world. Donald Shoup spoke about the urban landscape and parking. Michelle Mowery spoke on the Bike Plan for LA and working with the cities to get bikes as part of the transportation plan. Jimmy Lizama from the Bicycle Kitchen spoke about the epiphany that came with riding the first time and how it shaped his life in and love of Los Angeles.

LA Bike Coalition had a free Bike Valet service at the event. which was quite excellent.

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