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SewingLori has received so I can FINALLY post some photos. YEAH!!

I participated in the I Love Buttons Swap on this month and had such a great time making everything. I was matched with SewingLori - she only had one specific request - a buttony, chunky knit scarf. Since I'm the slowest knitter on earth, I opted for a chunky crochet scarf instead. :)

Here are some in progress shots:

The whole thing pre-blocking

In the middle of pinning the scarf down for blocking

Here's one end - take a close look - Vintage Halston Buttons!! I didn't have quite enough to do all the buttons in Halston - but most of them are.

Here is all folded pancake style and ready for transport:

And remember this?

It was sent to SewingLori!

She also received these magnets - they were a button lovers DREAM to make. I got to sit and sort through all my buttons trying to figure out which ones would go together.

I can't find my photo of the earrings I sent her, but she's posted a picture in the swap gallery.
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