We the Free - again 

So did you note in my post yesterday that I was pissed at We the Free? Here is my letter to them via their web site:

A few months ago, I purchased several pieces from this location:

We The Free in Hollywood
1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

the pieces I purchased were...

This sweater in blue: http://images.freepeople.com/is/image/F ... 0909_14_a?$zoom$

and this shirt in brown: http://images.freepeople.com/is/image/F ... 0540_01_a?$zoom$

I immediately fell in love with these pieces as soon as I walked in the store and despite my concern about the price (as they were not on sale), I purchased them anyway.

I have worn the shirts maybe 10 times and have been extra careful when cleaning and wearing them, but now the brown one has big "run" holes on each side of the chest and the sweater is coming apart in one arm pit.

I am extremely disappointed in the quality of the finished garment as I expected something at such a high cost to have better craftsmanship and materials.

I most likely will not be purchasing any more Free People products as I can find similar items at a lower cost and embellish as needed myself.

let's see what happens!
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