workie work work 

I am swamped at the office - so much so that I am completely left without the time or desire to do anything but veg. It's good - I have a really really big project I'm working on. (yeah)

PLUS - I had a wisdom tooth pulled on Friday and it's KILLING me still (on Wednesday). I swear I would be billionaire if I got paid to complain.

Here are a few cool things I've found in what little surfing I've done in the past few days: has a cool article about repeat patterns in illustrator. most of it I had already learned but they had a few cool tricks :)

Lovely cherry Blossom pics from Please Sir

Treasuring's article on personal art style

Vintage Button Desktop Wallpaper

My favorite author's executor is ill - go here to find out more. Philip K Dick is one of my all time favorite authors.
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I've been thinking a lot about this subject lately and have started several posts on teh subject, but never published them...

do you feel that you or your work is not "up to snuff?" Why is that? Do you compare yourself to other creative types and find yourself lacking?

For me, the answer is yes and up until today I thought it was just me. I chalked it up to the usual self esteem issues. But it's not. It's just not true.

The blog world has trained us to think everything is perfect in the lives of people we only see online.

I love that Jessica Gonacha has posted on her blog a photo with no make up or photoshop about her feelings on the subject.

Her friend at Armas Design also posted a pre-coffee image and her feelings.

Inspired by Jessica and Michelle, Leslie of 315thomas did the same thing.

What do you think??? How do you feel about it?
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creativity does not extend to my hair 

My hair looked lovely for 2 days. Saturday and Sunday.

I washed it Sunday night and cannot get it to look like it did when I came out of the salon. I thought I did a pretty good job of styling it Monday morning, but when compared the pictures from Saturday and Monday morning...alas.

I am completely inept at doing my hair.

Any one reading this blog have tips for getting hair flat and sleek with few fly away wispies using a flat iron?


I don't have the day of photos, but here I am monday morning...

I look drugged, as always, in the morning.
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Japan - another reason to love it 

Harikuyo - The Festival of Broken Needles

Every year on February 8th crafts people bring their needles to a Shinto Shrine to pray for a better year and to put their broken and worn out needles to rest.

more details at the Wakamiya-Hachimangu shrine and Reuters UK
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The Scent of Hollywood 

I've found the spring scent of Hollywood!!

It's this tree:

I have no idea what sort of tree it is, but as soon as I walked by, the pretty scent overwhelmed me.

Here's a close up:

and on a side note - I got my hair cut yesterday. It's pretty drastic. I went from waist length to should length hair. Thank goodness that's off my head! will post more pictures later.
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12:01 AM - blog  

Facebook is good for a lot of things and one of them is connecting with people who you know but don't know well. My office is crazy for the site and so we're all hooked up online and literally see what everyone is doing all day long with their status updates.

Well - a while ago one of my work acquaintances posted a link to her blog and now I'm hooked. I know more about her than I did when she worked in the same office I did.

She's funny and sweet and posts really interesting articles.

you should check 12:01 AM out...

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Spring has really sprung 

I love spring! oh my goodness - this happens every year around the end of February and beginning of march - something in Hollywood blooms. I think it's a tree, but I have never been able to pin point exactly where the scent comes from, it just magically smells pretty in Hollywood, California. I associate the scent with being home and with welcoming because it's how the neighborhood smelled when my husband and I moved here 5 years ago. Now I always know it's spring and I'm home when I get off the subway from work. I was so sad Saturday when I spent most of the day at friend's house and the scent had faded away - but as soon as I headed home and emerged from the subway station, there it was again. I wish I could have it as a perfume - I would wear it year round!
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more photos, a tutorial, and free clip art  

random photos of me and husband....

taken by husband

taken by my friend Rachel - the only reason I'm not crazy about this pic is that I look pregnant!!! AND I'M NOT!!! My diet is going well and I've lost 8+ pounds and gained lots of muscle.

Tutorial for adding patches to sweaters
. See my hoodie above... it's got massive holes in the elbows from constant wear in the last two years I've had it. It's so strange, but the only I reason I know I've had it so long is that I bought it right after I launched my last major site redesign and right before I got married.

Clip art...

The lovely Graphics Fairy is posting free clip art on her site of vintage ephemera.

found via Just Something I Made

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crocheted baby sweater 

crappy photo, but the sweater is still in progress:

I found the baby sweater pattern online, but cannot remember how I found it.

it's SUPER easy - I'm 75% done and have maybe put a couple of hours into sewing.

And what is up with everyone getting pregnant!?!?!?! There are four people in my small section of the office who are either having babies or their wives are having babies.

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World Builder 

If you haven't seen this video - you should watch it right away. It's beautiful.

World Builder from Bruce Branit on Vimeo.
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