sorry no posts 

the last few weeks have been sort of busy at the office so I haven't had much crafty time or had much brain power left after the work day to post.

I am slowly working on a baby sweater for one of other pregnant co-workers.

will post picks soon.

sorry to leave you in the lurch if you were hoping from crafty stuff :(
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Gift Wrap - recycled, new and vintage 

My friends Hurricane Jane and her husband Gerry were lucky enough to purchase a house before the big market collapse.

We bought them a bonzai tree to grow with their home. At the last minute I realized I had almost nothing to wrap with. I grabbed some wrapping paper I already had, a brown paper bag, some left over paper from my wedding announcements, some scrap book supplies, a button and got to work.

The bow is made from the brown paper bag, announcement paper, and button.

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Random Photos - me, los angeles, and inspiration 

Just some random photos from the past few months...

meeting sketch - boredom ensued as I was waiting for my turn in a meeting with the QA team.

random pre-meeting sketches

love the embroidery on this skirt.

another meeting sketch

random photo I took for my loopt profile. I love this combo of hat sweater and necklace

taking down the christmas lights in Hollywood

cute thrift store fabric

funky dress with some really wild fabric

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Illustration Friday - Breezy 

The topic for Illustration Friday this week is "Breezy"

Here is what can to my mind:

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steam punk inspired necklace 

I made this necklace about 6 months ago.

watch parts, vintage button and thread.
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12 pointed star afghan 

I found out that one of my bosses is having another baby so I set about making a 12 pointed star blanket for him and his wife.

the end result:

I purchased the yarn while on my crafty adventure a few weeks ago.

apologies for the crappy picture - I had to take it really really fast before I packed it up to give to him.
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vintage inspired jewelry 

a few weekends ago I got inspired to make some more jewelry. I ended up with a nice lariat necklace and a ring.

Originally I planned to make the necklace with a spool of thread in the middle, inspired by a project I saw on

I pulled all the original thread off the spool.

I couldn't decided if I wanted the spool to be covered with yarn or with embroidery thread.

I went with embroidery thread.

It was much too large for the thread and I could find no way to get the spool work. so came up with another solution.

I joined the 2 chains with a single small jump ring.

I then put a small silver bead over the jump ring to sort of hide it.

I then set about picking beads for the ends of the lariat. Here is what I ended up with.

I stacked the beads together on a head pin and closed the pin with a ring.

Here is the final necklace:

I then gathered some buttons a ring back and started fiddling around until I found a combo that I like. Here is the result...



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the Oscars 

this is the time of year to hate the Oscars.

Even though I work for a company that is up for a nomination, I don't watch them in protest of what happens to my neighborhood.

I live in Tourist Central - Hollywood. I expect traffic jams, people roaming about loudly caterwauling in the middle of the night, and other such nonsense but, the Oscars are another ball of wax entirely.

You cannot drive on Hollywood Blvd in half a mile in either direction from the corner of Hollywood and Highland. the subway station is closed the ENTIRE day. Metro bypasses the stop on Oscars day.

forget trying to leave your apartment that day if you live in the area, oh yeah, and expect helicopters ALL DAY AND NIGHT the weekend of the event.

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Craft Magazine 

Craft will no longer be offering a print version. sad sad day..

the notice is on their site. is the only part that's will stay alive and kicking.
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Blah, blah, blah - inheritance 

The Blah, Blah, Blahg is having a month long give away series in February and I've entered a few of the drawings.

Today's was about inheritance

Here's what I wrote:

oh - I wish that after my grandmother passed away that my parents could have kept a specific photo of my great grandfather.

My great grandfather was a wildcatter (the men who went out and found oil by their wits and knowledge of the land before geo sciences) and my grandmother had a portrait of him in an oil field, with the rocking horse style derricks. He was wearing his work gear and a hard hat. It was taken sort of National Geographic style, man in his element.

After my grandfather remarried, I did not see the photo again.

I think this is sort of strange object to want so strongly, as I never actually met the man. Both my great grand parents died before I was born. But it's the historical family connection that I want more than anything else.

I can no longer remember his heavily lined face clearly - but I remember how the photo was composed. He looked so strong and "take charge," and proud of the work he had done. He worked for Humble Oil as a wild catter for them. But he was a preacher before that and left the clergy when he fell in love with my great grandmother (or so the story goes in our family).

The South is not a place with open secrets - too many things lie hidden the dust. Shameful or brilliant they stay out of the sunlight, locked in the temples of the people who experienced them. You have to be a gossip, a journalist, or a mystery lover to pry the secrets out of the dark places. Since the photo is missing, to my knowledge, I feel like there are mysteries there that I need to know.

maybe I should call my great aunt.... She's the only one left alive who knows more than my father.
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