More designs from sketches 

Friday at work, I was quite annoyed that my computer was having problems that required 4+ reboots. My laptop is slower than slow when booting up so needless to say, I had some time on my hands. I decided to doodle...

here is the original:

And here is the resulting pattern:

comments are most welcome.. color suggestions...would you like this for your desktop....think I should print it?
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New Sticker 

over the last week or so I've slowly but surely made progress on a new sticker for my bike. Inspired by the saddle I got as a surprise from Husband, I diligently traced one of the motifs into Illustrator:

Here's how the final stickers came out:

I lost the flower stamens and one of the inner circles for the flower center but that is the issue with cutting it so small. The final sticker is only an 1.5 inches across.

If you are interested in the vector file, please let me know. I can't REALLY claim it as my own work since I copied from my saddle, but if you want it for personal use only, I'll happily email the ginormous Illustrator file. Use the "contact" link in the top of the nav to make the request.

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random LA images 

Ginko Tree in Little Tokyo:

Graffiti in Larchmont Village:

My Dream condo (which is now for rent but WAY out of my price range):



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Cherry Blossom Festival 

Husband and I had a wonderful day today!

We decided to have an adventure and take really long bike ride to some place new. We choose the Monterey Park Cherry Blossom Festival.

We started on the train and went all the way out to South Pasadena, hopping off at the Mission street Station where we were greeted by this guy:

We bike about 6 miles from there through Alhambra to Monterey Park. Well - that's 6 miles according to our bike computers.

The festival was kind of a flop and did have nearly as much cultural stuff to do. Most of the booths were the kind of thing you regularly see at local city festivals with a few exceptions. The anime was scarce most of the booths had t-shirts and food.

The long ride was very enjoyable and Husband got some photos along the way. I got an image of a flower I hadn't seen before.

One of the biggest surprises was stopping at Taco Bell and actually really enjoying the meal. I love Taco Bell for fast food but the stores around my neighborhood aren't very good. It mostly has to do with the food preparation - it's sloppy, sauce every where, burritos falling apart, etc... Not at this store.

See - nice and neat!

I know I'm weird but Taco Bell got me through college and I have a really soft spot in my heart for the cheesy mexican food.

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Paper Olive 

My lovely friend, Marleine, and I had dinner last night at Katsu-Ya in Studio City. Fab sushi, arty, crafty, design talk were included in a few hours of total awesomeness. Mar and I used to sit in cubes next to each other, work on the same web site, and talk almost everyday. I saw her plan every aspect of her wedding, which I attended, and was so pleased to see her get extremely creative during that time.

Isn't she pretty?

In the last two years, we've both taken on new jobs and moved around a bit which means that neither of us has a chance to talk much face to face any more. I miss it...a lot.

She started a business shortly before we both switched jobs the first time, working on what seemed to be her favorite part of the wedding planning process, designing custom wedding invitations. I have mentioned her before, but she has a new stuff out now and I thought I would share a few of my favorites from the new line of letter press invitations! They have the cutest name too - The Olive Press Collection!

As you can see, this lady has some style. I think her designs completely capture a modern and chic aesthetic in wedding invitations.

Find out more about Paper Olive Invitations at these links:

Wedding Invitations - Paper Olive
Paper Olive Blog - Paper Martini
Become a fan on FaceBook

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New Shirt, New Machine 

Since the official death of my machine - I have gone out and made another purchase... I have a new Singer Tradition purchased from Target.

I haven't done much with it yet, but I have started a new shirt. I used the drape top pattern from Stitch Lounge. Some one needs to tell Stitch Lounge to get a new site and a better search engine optimization person. It took me TWO HOURS on google to find the pattern. I just gave them three directly referenced links so hopefully it will be easier for the next girl to find.

Here's my progress so far:

I got everything cut out and the inside seams complete - now I just need to hem it!

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wrist cuff embroidery 

I don't know how I always seem to post around lunch time, but I do...

any way - here is the latest piece I've made:

worked on it 10 minutes here and there over a month or so. I was inspired to finally get over my irrational fear of french knots and go hog wild. As you can see I now have the trick to the knot down. This was the first really successful attempt at the french knot! YEAH!
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New Bike Saddle 

look at what husband surprised me with:

It's a Brooks B18 woman's saddle. I am super super excited!!! It's so pretty and feminine. I love that it's so old timey - I don't have the guts for steam punk attire, but this is a close as I get - totally modern bike with old school trimmings.
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cool new tools 

Heather Bailey did her March of the Tools series again this year - my favorite one mentioned is the Color Munki. really really want one of these.

True Up has an article on using Pantone swatch books to match colors in fabrics[/url]. They mention at least one site that lists Pantone colors in conjunction with fabrics.

oddly enough, Boing Boing Gadgets has a tutorial for creating your own letter press. Not sure how viable it is, but could be cool.

Make your own crocheted bike seat cover with the translated pattern from Carina's Crafty Blog.

Anyone in LA want 2 TV's and 2 monitors for free? email me via the "contact me" link at the top. TV's are completely functional. large CRT monitor has a gun going out and I have no idea what's wrong with the other one except that it is showing signs of going completely dark. Could be used for art projects maybe?

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sewing machine is officially dead  

yeah - I left it sitting for a long time after the last debacle because I was so put off. I just got around to digging through internet archives last night to find instructions on fixing it.

I went through them all and tried every known suggestion. the needle is not hitting the bobbin chase any more, but not it won't pick up the bobbin thread and makes a "chunk" noise when I start sewing.

ARGH! oh well - I officially am putting the machine back in the box and am sending it to salvation army along with the monitors that need to be picked up.

poor little machine, I'm sorry you are sick and I can't fix you, but it would cost as much to buy a new one as it would to fix your problems.

pictures of the inside:

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