clothes pins and paper fun! 

This was a fun and quick little project that I did last week. I decorated some clothes pins to use as paper clips. The top one below is a finished one and the one below it is in progress.

First I took one side of the clothes pin off the spring catch. Then, I used a black sharpie to color the wood of the paper clip.

After coloring one side, I put it back onto the spring and removed the other side.

I then used some scrap book paper and my trusty paper cutter to add a pop of color to them. After the paper was cut, I used a tiny drop of white glue (just enough to cover the paper) to stick it to the clothes pin. I left a gap in the paper where the spring goes in case anything goes wonky, it can be replaced easily.

This is another shot of a completed clothes pin and another pink on in progress. The pink one ended up with black and white scrap book paper on the top. I experimented with sealing the paper with clear nail polish, but the color from the sharpie marker bled into the nail polish.
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crochet diagram 

I did not understand diagramming at all until I started working on a crochet pattern to share. I wasn't counting as I was going, so I had to figure out a way to count the stitches without having to redo everything. and so a diagram was born - I totally get it now. I just have to decipher the symbols that are common.

Here's a shot of my sketch book to show what I did to count the stitches:

They look kind of like little people! this is the largest round of the pattern, you can see bits of the smaller rounds to the top left and right.
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Sunday Crafts 

so when I went to Japan last year - one of the big things was carrying your own chopsticks so that you didn't have to use disposables at restaurants.

I purchased a few different holders while I was there. My favorite being the cherry blossom roll pictured below:

This one was packaged with a two pack of bottled green tea aimed at kids and came with it's own chopsticks:

too bad the chopsticks are too small for me to use, because they are sooo cute!

After much hmmm'ing and hawwwing, I decided to make my own for my next trip. I want to take the lovely set of chopsticks my husband gave me when we got married.

I used some more swap goodies, the blue wooden bead and the fabric. The orange satin cord was gifted to me by a friend - she'd used it in her wedding and the remaining 200 yards, she couldn't think what to do with, but knew I would have some crafty ideas.

Can't decide if I want to make a tutorial for these or not, but I'm so proud of the stitching I did on this one.

Your iron is your friend - I couldn't have made everything so neat if I hadn't ironed the heck out of it at every step.

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Saturday Crafts 

I had fun this afternoon making stuff after my dentist appointment.

This first one I made sort of like the marble magnet tutorials, except I used a thumbtack instead of a magnet.

I used some scrapbook paper that I received in a swap, cut into circles and stuck on with my favorite "stick anything" glue Zap-a-Gap.

This is a brooch I made with buttons and a tiny gear from a watch (and lots of Zap-A-Gap). :)

The final brooch is about 2 inches wide - that black button is HUGE!
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Sewing Machine Needles 

Singer Resources - Machine Needles

Wow - I had no idea all the problems I was having with my sewing machine were mostly due to the needle I'm using! I was flipping through the FAQ waiting for a conference call to start and found this link.
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Scarflette - Free Pattern 

These take me about 1.5 to 3 hours depending on yarn weight and gauge (the smaller/lighter the yarn, the longer it takes)

And here's the pattern...

Stuff you need:

• ¾ a skein of yarn
• One bead with a large hole drilled in it (can be pre-bought or bored out yourself)
• 1 large button
• 1 crochet hook
• 1 tapestry needle

Important things to remember:
1. Gauge is not important
2. Hook and yarn choice determine width of scarf

You will crochet 3 sections, do not FO at end of each section

Section 1

Chain 9, sc into 2nd stitch from the hook , sc in all remaining ch, ch1 and turn

Repeat until section 1 is 2 inches tall

Section 2

Chain 4 and turn, tr into 2nd stitch from end of row, tr until end of row until all sc are stitched into.

Chain 4 and turn, tr into the second tr in the row below, tr into all tr in the row below. Repeat until desired length

Section 3

Chain 1 and turn, Sc into all stitches in the row

Repeat until the section is 3 inches tall (4” if you are using a heavier weight yarn), FO and weave in tails


Follow Stitch Diva’s Free flower pattern here.

Instead of spreading out the spiral as much as in the instructions, I piled the resulting rows together to make a fluffy flower. Stitch flower together with 1 tail end as instructed by stitch diva. DO NOT CUT TAIL OFF, you will still need it to complete the flower attachment on the scarf.


Attach flower to 3” side of the scarflette by threading the bead onto one of the tails of your flower and threading it through the center of the flower to the back, all the way through the scarf. Add your button at this point and secure with the remaining tail end. Use the 2nd tail to more securely fashion the flower to the larger side of the scarf.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions - and please post a picture if you make one!
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crochet this probably won't be the last time I talk about crochet.

I've recently become obsessed with this craft.

I literally think it's genetic. My great grandmother, who I never met, was an avid crocheter. My father and mother have all of her crochet pieces stored in their home along with her crochet hooks (which are TINY). I wish I had photos but I have not been back home since I moved to Los Angeles four years ago.

Her stuff is beautiful - doilies and lace piled high with little rosettes.

now I have to go email my parents and see if they will send me photos.

I already designed one super easy pattern that I posted on, but I will post it here in a little bit. I'm working on another right now.
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Holy Moley folks!!!! looks like it might actually be an on demand fabric printing service for crazy crafty people like me.

Go Look!

I signed up for their beta but to have your images posted you have to join their flickr pool. I'm not sold on flickr enough to go PRO and I don't want to wipe out my Tokyo pictures so I haven't been posting my photos there for awhile.

I'm really excited- custom fabric printing is OUTRAGEOUS and I just don't have the space to silk screen at home.
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