Vice and Vanity 

In a rare case of insomnia, I stumbled across Vice and Vanity. They were featured on Kingdom of Style (a site I highly recommend) today and I thought I would pass along their site.

Below is one of my favorite pieces from their "The Lamp Spreads a circle of Li" collection. I love most of their work but desperately wish there wasn't sooooo much GOLD! I have a slightly yellow tint to my skin so basically can't wear yellow or gold at all unless I want to look ill. They will not be on my "to purchase list" until their is more silver and copper in their collections.

photo nabbed from the Vice and Vanity website. There seem to be no deeplinks for the site so I can't link you directly to the piece...

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Color variations 

more messing around in fireworks produced the images below. What do you think of the colors?

oops - I forgot a few spots....

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Success with tiling! Free download 

ok - some dorking around in Fireworks seems to have fixed the tiling issues I had. See for yourself:

It's pretty big and a standard web safe color. Feel free to click on the picture and set it as your desktop background. If you use it for anything else, let me know.
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Would any of you be interested in buying stickers? I know there aren't many of you who visit, but I need an outside opinion.

I have more than these prepped and ready to go but here are some examples of stickers I've cut:

Suite Case Stickers

Bike Sticker

They are all vinyl decals and should be placed on plastic, glass, or other hard surfaces.
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Repeats - a test 

Argh! I'm trying to set up my little swirly design as a repeat for printing (maybe spoonflower or maybe fabrics on demand). The design repeats perfectly in software but when I try to break it down into a square or rectangle I seem to be getting 1 pixel off.

This is from my desktop:

Would you like to try it? Please leave me a comment and I'll send you the file.

And how super, super cool is it that you can have fabric printed with your own design and now there are TWO companies doing it?

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Illustrator and an interesting product 

One of my favorite places in the blog world is Lollychops - She has such cute illustrations, free downloads, and a sweet, silly way of writing her posts.

Lolly is hosting Cupcake week with La Fuji Mama, a food blogger. I trapsed around La Fuji Mama's blog for a bit and stumbled upon her Earth week posts which featured a product from Jenny Playford, Furochic.

Jenny's illustrations are super cute and playful. She's taken furoshiki to a new level. Her pretty, yet non-traditional, designs are incorporated into the product. And I am drooling over them! Jenny also has a book coming out later this year about furoshiki called, Wrapagami.

Below is an image of one of her cards:

image is copyright 2009 Jennifer Playford

Many well wishes to Lolly - who will be having surgery this week. My thoughts will be with you.

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shoes to die for 

no really....

I love this blog... Green with envy, I am
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Fabric store woes and Drapey Top Finished! 

I finished my top today - after a much needed run to Michael Levine's. I seriously could not stand to be in the store because it was so crowded yesterday. I grabbed everything I needed as quickly as possible and sprinted to the check out. I bought:

1 spool of thread in a ocean aqua to match my shirt
5 yards of fold over elastic (for Angry Chicken's 5 minute skirt)
2 skeins of yarn.

Here's the final shirt as modeled by my couch:

Argh - I wish I could schedule posts! it totally annoys me that I have to post 3 things in one day and basically nothing during the week. Must upgrade!
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More designs from sketches 

Friday at work, I was quite annoyed that my computer was having problems that required 4+ reboots. My laptop is slower than slow when booting up so needless to say, I had some time on my hands. I decided to doodle...

here is the original:

And here is the resulting pattern:

comments are most welcome.. color suggestions...would you like this for your desktop....think I should print it?
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New Sticker 

over the last week or so I've slowly but surely made progress on a new sticker for my bike. Inspired by the saddle I got as a surprise from Husband, I diligently traced one of the motifs into Illustrator:

Here's how the final stickers came out:

I lost the flower stamens and one of the inner circles for the flower center but that is the issue with cutting it so small. The final sticker is only an 1.5 inches across.

If you are interested in the vector file, please let me know. I can't REALLY claim it as my own work since I copied from my saddle, but if you want it for personal use only, I'll happily email the ginormous Illustrator file. Use the "contact" link in the top of the nav to make the request.

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