Yellow Goat 

I have seen this young lady all over the internet lately

Yellow Goat - cute and whimsical accessories. Below is my favorite...

Half Empty/Half Full

Her Blog
Her Store

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Biking in other countries 

Holly from Decor8 is moving to Germany and posted a piece about the differences between Europe and American cycle culture.

I love riding my bike. Husband and I AGES ago stopped driving (in case you hadn't noticed from my many bike posts).

LA is not the most friendly place to ride a bike, but it's better than Texas. Lee has been hit 5 or 6 times by cars in Texas, been threatened with physical violence by drunk frat boys in Texas, and just generally been abused by non cyclists there.

Japan - oh biking there was SUCH a pleasure! on the sidewalk, you were treated like a pedestrian by other people and on the road you were treated just like any other vehicle.

Europe - it seems like most of my friends there ride a bike and I am forever looking at Copenhagen Cycle Chic

AND, LOOK - while I was poking about, I found MORE cycle chic sites:

Los Angeles Cycle Chic

Hungarian Cycle Chic

Romanian Cycle Chic

Phoenix Cycle Chic

I've fixed up my bike in the last few months and here is the latest image:

She has a new Chris King Headset, new wheels, new shifters, new brakes and brake levers, and tons of other stuff. Almost all the new parts are american made. The head set is part of Chris King's Pretty and Strong line which donates a portion of the proceeds to breast cancer research. WOOHOO! I get to put my bike nerdiness to a good cause.

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London - someone else's trip 

Still Dottie is visiting London and has some lovely photos on her site:

why didn't I find anything nearly this cool when I went?

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Camera Strap Cover 

Holiday preparation also includes making my camera more comfortable to keep hanging around my neck. My last few trips I left my camera sitting in my bag more often than I should have and missed some great shots because the strap I have is just damned uncomfortable.

Step in Design Sponge's DIY Wednesday camera strap cover tutorial!

Here's how mine came out:

I've had this fabric for about 4 years & I got it in a swap on craftster ages ago. I love it - I use my dwindling supply only for special things. I made a chop stick holder and furoshiki for Mar's wedding gift. Wish I had photos from her wedding. :( no digi cam at the time.

Have fun - the tutorial only took me about 45 minutes to do, including my crazy amount of ironing.
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Le Blahg - digital downloads 

I love the Blah Blah Blahg! Miss B has such a great site and is now offering some digital downloads. Here's just a peek:

Go check out the rest of the digital downloads here.

And don't forget the brightside project - daily give-a-ways and the latest one is AMY BUTLER!!!
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we agreed on shoes.... 

...It's an amazing thing! Lee and I almost never agree on shoes - especially wedges, but I bought these last night:

Women's Jersey Ankle-Tie Wedges

I was dying for some stylish but not HOT shoes for the trip as well as flip flops and started at old navy.

The tote is from Mod Cloth. Image thanks to Polyvore.

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move the entries over here? 

I have some of my photos and trip info from my first trip to Tokyo on a separate blog. Do you think I should move them here?

Austin 2 LA 2 Tokyo

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Lucky, Lucky Girl 

I have been extremely busy over the last few weeks, in case you hadn't noticed my lack of posting :(. Husband and I have been trip planning and getting ready for more news to come much later in the year. Keep an eye on those side bar links.

I have to say a big thank you to a few bloggers that, over the last few months, have hosted give aways in which I've been very lucky to have received their works!!

Thank you to Armas Designs for a lovely print. I believe it's this one, but I haven't had it framed yet so I'm choosing from memory. My nerdiness helped me out on this one.

Thank you to S.E.W Butterfly who gave away a huge cupcake which has now joined the ranks of soft toys and play food in my cubicle.

And thank you to Scoutie Girl for a combo wrapping paper and spa gifts.
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longing on etsy 

Do you ever have a set of things that you love but almost never buy for yourself? I'm that way with stamps, stickers, and stationary.

I have found my nemesis:

Nothing Elegant

She has great stamps, stationary and DECO TAPE...

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glitter source 

mobiky's head set is what needed some grinding.
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