shake baby shake 

my office was a roller coaster today!! Earthquake in South CA!

check it out!
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Birthday goodies 

The good old Parental Units sent me an Amex gift card for my birthday. So what did I do? Bought craft supplies!!

I purchased:

* the happy hooker stitch and bitch book by Debbie Stroller
* 2 skeins of yarn
* a big crochet hook (L)
* 2 tiny crochet hooks (0, 1)
* some pin backs
* a bias tape maker (yes, even though my sewing machine is down for the count)
* 3 sets of edge decoration scissors (waves, pinking, and wavy)
* and a yard of Heather Bailey fabric

I saw some of Heather's new line at Michael Levines in the fashion district on Sunday. I was so disappointed and happy at the same time. I was bouncing up and down that they were in the store and sad that they didn't have my favorite design.

You should check out the new storefront that Mrs. Bailey started last week - I had to order my one yard of fabric directly from her store (good for her, bad for me - it means I have to wait to get the pretty stuff in my hands :) ).
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oh the sadness... 

My poor, poor sewing machine. It's timing has finally given up. It's been trying to give out for awhile now. I rigged it by tightening the tension to keep going and am now stuck with a machine that does nothing but bend needles. I've got to take it to the shop, but which one? I found a small shop only near my apartment, but I need to call to see when they are open (I'm praying they are open on the weekend).

When I hand crank the machine to run backwards, it barely scrapes the bobbin chase:

When I hand crank the needle forward however, it hits the bobbin chase square on:

I was trying to make a hat from a pattern I got in Japan - it was going along REALLY quickly - I got to LITERALLY the last seam I had to sew and the needle started hitting. GRRR
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Artlandia plug in 

So I goofed around with the demo version the other night and I gotta say - it's pretty cool. The full version will be much more useful, since you don't get suck with whatever pattern seed it randomly choose on start up.

I did this in less than 5 minutes:

I'll probably buy it as soon as the budget frees up.
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Artlandia SymmetryWorks: pattern design plug-in for Adobe Illustrator 

Artlandia SymmetryWorks: pattern design plug-in for Adobe Illustrator

OH MAN! this makes me want to pull my hair out. I need to see if I can take "groups" from illustrator and make them one pattern.
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more conference call musings.... 

I'm soo confused as to how to do repeating motifs in crochet.

for example, I can make one pineapple BUT I don't know how to do a whole bunch together.

it's weird - all the directions I can find assume that you already know how to join the motifs in a row.

I can't figure it out - makes me feel like I'm missing a lot.
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I need some opinions from all of you that visit ;) ...

I think I've mentioned some of the fabric designers I like previously so I won't belabor the point, but my stuff is not coming out to plan or even similar to the styles I like.

Take a look at this:

I started with a radial design and added some extra bits then tiled it in Illustrator. This came after much arguing with the Husband about the best way to make radial patterns - which is better Flash or Illustrator? I ended up making this in Illustrator entirely with a lot of grousing about how the tools don't work the same as my favorite old Macromedia program, Freehand, and how the tools in Flash are just easier to use for me. As a side note, I spent about six months doing technical illustration in Flash for a semi conductor manufacturer in my old Austin days so Flash and I are very, very good friends.

Keep in mind this is only shapes - I haven't started to try to bring in colors. I wanted to start with the pattern and shape first.

So the question is - Does it hurt your eyes or should I keep going? Does it look like wall paper or fabric? Is it too granny, etc., etc., etc.

Feel free to jump in - comments, critique, suggestions are all welcome. Seriously - even if you hate it!

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Design*Sponge - kate wilson 

Design*Sponge - kate wilson

I really like these bird drawings from Kate Wilson. Makes me want to pull out the sketch book even more!

I swear I have a few long posts coming, but I've been setting up my new home computer and haven't wanted to put the necessary pictures on my work computer. I already have too many of my personal images on this laptop!!!!
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Remember this post?

I'm fine - my hearing test was normal. I just need some meds - The doctor wants to send me to an allergist since he thinks my ear problems are related to my sinuses and allergies.

I'm so happy it's not really anything serious, but I was almost bawling in the sound booth as I tried to hear soft sounds over the ringing in my ears. I almost made a frantic phone call to my husband while I was waiting for the doctor to come in, my brain was in such a noodle twist.
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I gave up on trying to save for that beautiful laptop. :( I just got tired of not being able to do anything at home and having to use my work laptop or Husband's computer to do everything.

So Husband and I sorted through our computer parts to see what we had on hand. I came up with a 21" CRT monitor, a case, a CD-R DVD reader, a few hard drives, and a power strip. I ordered all the rest of the parts from New Egg on Sunday and should have a working computer by the end of the weekend.
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