better still... 

Pup is doing much better - getting back to his normal routine even more. We have another check up on Saturday. So relieved!

because....we don't have to cancel the trip.

Mother-in-Law will be here Sunday to take care of teh apartment and the puppy.

We take off on Wednesday.

Here's our pile oh stuff at Narita from the last haul...

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a little better 

He's a little better now - Faust is trying to get back on his "schedule." Saturday was a HUGE scare for us, running him back to the vet after he didn't want to eat (EVEN CHEESE) or get up to go outside. The vet seems positive and we're all hoping he'll be back to normal soon.

I love my doggers - he's a big part of our little family and I wouldn't' know what to do without him.
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a bad week  

my beloved doggie is very, very sick. He started coughing and wheezing on Monday evening and Tuesday started to refuse his dog food. We took him to the vet in the afternoon Tuesday and came home with a ton of pills and care instructions. Wednesday he was a tiny bit better but still not wanting to eat his food. We gave him some bland chicken and rice and he immediately perked up but he had an accident in the kitchen. He urinated while eating his food - after I had already taken him outside for a walk. The vet says to suspend ALL of his medication and see what happens.

I'm so scared - Faust is 12 years old...

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more Paper Olive! 

oh my goodness!! oh my goodness!!

Mar's been nominated for 2 awards on the!!

From her site:

we've been nominated in the best wedding vendor blog category, as well as best wedding blog. sincerely, considering that we are fans of many of our competitors, it is an honor to be listed among them. just take look at this fabulous list of nominees.

I don't ask for stuff often - but can you pretty pretty please go vote for her?

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My friend, Miss Mowie, introduced me to odosketch via face book.

sketch out an image and save it!

This is one of my sketches

when you click on the sketch is draws in the same way drew it so you can see the artist's process - which is my favorite part!

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Why Malinda not Melinda? 

I have to give my mother a hard time on this one again. I was named after Melinda Tentrees from the movie "On a Clear Day You Can See Forever." My mother chose to spell it differently, or course. So I get:


Melinda Talbot and Malinda Talbot - most of my credits in anime in two, count 'em two entries. ARGH!

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ink a dink a do 

I found this little shop on etsy and am dying to pick up this ink now:

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AX'09 final story 

Still working on my post! will have it up soon. I'll give you all the dirt and what not,
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AX '09 - SPJA - how you failed ALREADY 

Industry registration was only for ONE hour last night and wasn't even completely set up when I got there are 6:20.

Regular Attendees who pre-registered - like Husband - were made to stand in 3 separate but the same lines for over an hour. the first third of the line was in the sun starting at 3 PM, with no water, no access to rest rooms, and no fans or water sprayers until the end of that part of the line.

How is it that E3, Siggraph, and other large conventions at the same location take less than 30 minutes to pick up a badge but it takes over an hour, almost 2, at AX to pick up a BADGE?!??! E3 has literally FIVE TIMES the attendees!

Can you tell I sweat with husband in line to get his badge?
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Anime Expo 2009 

Despite the fact that I am leaving for the land of the rising sun in left than 5 weeks - I am going to Anime Expo this weekend.

I'm a glutton for punishment - I will be sore and tired by the end of the end. Believe me - I am trying to justify going as preparation for the vacation as well. I sort of can't help myself - the people who do gundam 00 are going to be there and I get in for free!!

image from kurogane

Expect more pictures from this year and last next week....

Hopefully I will get over my reservations with talking about the anime industry.
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