True up always has really good fabrics and links to fabric-y stuff.

The bloggers visited the Houston Quilt Market and are now posting regular photos.

I love this entry - ever wonder where some of those cutesy Japanese Fabrics come from? Try Lecien!

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freaking out 

A week from now we, in the US, will have a new president. That day cannot get here any faster. I just want this race to be over and done.

I'm tired and this election will decide where I live for the next 4 years. Do I stay here or get out because America is a lost cause? I don't know - we'll see at the end of the day November 4th.

America, change cannot come too soon.
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what not to crochet 

I was laughing through my lunch hour looking at this site.

for your hilarity - visit "What not to crochet"

found via Extreme Craft.
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Fall Out 3 

My hubby is officially sucked into Fall Out 3 for the next few weeks. I will definitely be doing more crafting.
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Little Big Planet - crafty, nerdy and FUN! 

We got a call late last week from the game store that Little Big Planet would be ready to pick up for us on Saturday.

Woo Hoo!!

So here's the low down...

It's so much fun that I managed to stay up until almost 3 this morning playing. It's simple to play, extremely fun, and just makes me want to play more.

The levels get progressively hard as you go (duh - so does every game) but not so much you want to pull your hair out which is a constant problem for me. sometimes the level difficulty jump is too much for me to handle so I end up just putting the game down and never finishing it. Can you say "bio shock?"

The physics is amazing - things work like you would expect them too in real life. you can shove and pull and jump on just about everything and it is really fun to experiment with the objects in the world. I have not begun the level creation process myself.

husband and I played for many many hours yesterday. That in and of itself is very unusual - we usually only play fight games together and I normally end up swearing I'll never play a play fight game with him again (he kicks my ASS consistently).

Here's the creative part:

- Best opening credits for a game ever - you actually PLAY the credits.
- You customize your character
- You customize your home (Pod)
- EVERYTHING in the game looks hand made - the 3d materials are amazing.

I seriously want to make my own LBP play set for the apartment. I love it. If I had the cash I would have run to the craft store ad bought a ton of felt and started my playset.

the premise of the game is that all the cool stuff that people dream collects together to make a dream planet. I'll leave the full story for you to see when you play the game (or go play with google:) ).

Looking at Sac Boy, our main character, the first thing I said was was "oh he's knit. Damn, my suck knitting skills." Husband's 3D animator brain kicked in and responded "he's not knit, he's a sub division surface with a displacement map applied."

Hee Hee - see crafty and nerdy at the same time.

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blog software 

REALLY not liking this blog software - I need to upgrade my hosting plan so I can get word press at least. This posting method is making me nuts.
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Tokyo Bicycle Ticket 

We took our bikes on the last trip to Tokyo. Husband got a ticket at one point because he couldn't read the signs :(

Oh well - it's still interesting to look at and I have the ticket hanging above my craft table.

I rediscovered the picture this morning while poking through my photos for inspiration. It makes me giggle every time I look at it.

He had to use one of the bike parking lots when he went to Nakano (disappointing unless you're a old toy collector). When he came back to the hotel, he told me the story of having to retrieve his bike. The lot attendants didn't speak any English and he barely spoke any Japanese. He had barely started his Japanese lessons and had a hard time remembering how to say "Big Black Bicycle." He was so tickled that he finally remembered and said it well enough for the attendants to figure out which bike he was talking about.

Here he is assembling his bike at the hotel:

His bike was certainly popular in Tokyo. I thought they were looking at my folding bike because it's the center of attention here in LA when we ride around. Everywhere we went he had a crowd around his bike. Here is our first encounter with some admiring locals outside Tokyu Hands:

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shoe lust 

I really really like these boots from Rocket Dog but they are out of my size. I fear going to the show store, in case they are actually available in my size. I should not spend any money on shoes!
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craftster rocks! 

Almost out of time for lunch, but I had to pop back in to post this.

check out this dress made of wood that someone created:

It's amazing - I'm hoping she posts some more detailed photos later.
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random stuff - tech, fabric 

Husband got his G1 on Monday - a few days earlier than the official release because we pre-ordered it. He loves it EXCEPT it has a really short battery life. Like, it only last about 5 hours with 3G and light email and chat. Not acceptable for either of us since it was purchased not just as a PDA but a map and working phone when we go to Japan. Stopping for an hour to charge is just not acceptable when on vacation. Spare batteries do not seem to be available just yet.

I now understand that the iphone gets even worse battery life and I'm wondering how anyone puts up with it. If you have any idea why, I'd love to know.

On the fabric front - my googling at lunch has brought up a potential fabric printing option. First 2 Print has an office in Vernon. contemplating sending them a note (except they want you to fill in a company name and I don't have one though I suspect if I put in my current employer I'd get a quick call back ;) ).
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