Holy Pattern Collection Batman!! 

In looking through my site stats (which, I JUST found btw - cause my hosting company is not cool) and found a really cool collection of patterns:

Crochet Poet

holy smokes - it is a HUGE list. I will probably be lost in this the next few hours.

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Sorry to keep stringing along anyone reading this blog. The move has been postponed because we have had some additional hardship this month. A friend is in the hospital recovering from a brain hemorrhage. She is the wife of one of my husband's two best friends. Her son was in Afghanistan and came home to be with her he arrived yesterday. She is really recovering, up and talking and seems to be doing amazingly well.

My husband is visiting to help our friend get everything under control in all the stress.
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please bookmark animegirlie.com - there will be changes afoot here soon.
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Smoking Japan 

I think these signs area hoot - I took photos of a few of them on my various trips but its good to see nice clear images of them.

Found via ii-ne-kore - you can check out more of the signs on that sight.
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My shop! 

I finally got around to setting up a shop!!

Woo Hoo!!

I put the chick pendant up for sale as well as a few of my cuffs and stickers. Check it out, please :)
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In case I haven't mentioned it, I am not a native Los Angelean. I'm originally from Texas where every thing is bigger and people wear cowboy hats for real.

One of the things I didn't realize I missed were the cicadas. their "weeeeewiiiiiiirrrrrrweeeeeeeewiiiiiirrr" noise is music to my ears. I was so pleased to hear them daily on our trip back in august. It brought back some good memories and made Tokyo feel very much like home.

If you are not familiar with the noise they make - watch my video at the end of the Tabata post the audio is just cicadas and me talking.

Here is a cicada close up:

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fabric for sale! 

spoonflower is now allowing designers to sell their wares through the site with a commission. $1.80 per yard of quilting weight fabric. Basically a 10% commission on each sale.

I guess I should get off my rear end finally upload my designs.
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trust your style is awesome 

woo hoo! I won:

from trust your style :)

Thank you, Mary Jo!!
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Tabata - Amanda Sport adventure 

I mentioned before that Husband had bike problems before we left on the trip. Amanda Sport was close to Tabata station but we still needed a GPS to find it since it was tucked away in a little neighborhood.

I took my own photos that day and here are just a few:

City Mascot - I have no idea what the cutsey turtlesque thing really is but it's adorable.

Here is a shot outside the station - that little french pastry shop was calling my name but we didn't end up stopping there.

Husband and I leaving.

A shot from inside the store. That's Mr. Chiba - the proprietor

Between some houses...

Amanda Sport bike stash - right outside the front door.

these were from a community garden right around the corner. It was so peaceful to stand there and listen to the cicadas...

and some video I took right next to teh garden so you could hear the cicadas...

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Cities, Bicycles, and the Future of Getting Around 

Friday night, Husband and I went to see David Byrne talk about one of our favorite things - Bicycles.

The event was held at the Aratani Theater in Little Tokyo. It was AMAZING to see so many people who were cyclists or intersted in urban commuting all in one place. So many enthusiastic folks packed into a theater.

Clipped from the ALOUD site:

Cities, Bicycles, and the Future of Getting Around, An Evening with: David Byrne, artist/musician, and special guests Jimmy Lizama, Michelle Mowery & Donald Shoup

The talks each guest gave were really interesting, David Byrne spoke about the differences in bike commuting around the world. Donald Shoup spoke about the urban landscape and parking. Michelle Mowery spoke on the Bike Plan for LA and working with the cities to get bikes as part of the transportation plan. Jimmy Lizama from the Bicycle Kitchen spoke about the epiphany that came with riding the first time and how it shaped his life in and love of Los Angeles.

LA Bike Coalition had a free Bike Valet service at the event. which was quite excellent.

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