intersting artist and curator 

found via the craftzine blog

This interesting artist and curator, Kirsty Hall, has a bunch of really interesting art on her site most of it craft driven. take a peek.
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Happy Turkey Day! 

Today, I finished my mass production project. My fingers hurt and I need a nap, but it's noon now and I started the final stages at around 8 this morning. Woo Hoo!!

Here are all the pins finished up:

You can see the tags I started in the back ground.

I'm hoping the girls from the HerShe Group's program like them. I also rounded up a couple of shirts, notebooks, pins, etc. from all the teams at my office's swag closets. AND Lollychops is pitching in too!! You might be able to sneak a peek over on her site.

And on a side note.....


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Mass Production for a charity 

In case you are wondering why I'm not posting much over the next week or so - I'm working on my first mass production crochet project.

I'm making 35 pins for a charity Christmas gift bag project for the HerShe Group.

It's a mentoring program for girls 13-21 who are, or previously have been, in foster care. My wonderful friend Laneshia is a mentor in this program and she asked if I could help her with contributions. I've hit up all my work friends for swag and have received a bunch of offers for gifts for the girls.

Each girl is going to get a bag of goodies for Christmas at the groups party. They will have at least 3 different t-shirts, a bag, some lotion, and something handmade by me. (they are also looking for monetary contributions to support the party - hit me up if you want to donate something.)

Here is the prototype for my contribution:

I'm going to add tags that say "handmade with love for built in hugs."

what do you think?
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Untamed Swapping 

so I've tried very hard to keep this under wraps because Nikki didn't want to see what I was trading with her until it came in the mail....

But now that we've received I can share!!

I asked Nikki of Untamed Menagerie to do a trade with me....Acrylic for Crochet

the pendant should look familiar if you've been reading for awhile:

and I sent her a long skinny scarf (3"wide and 6' long):

as well as this for an extra:

Nikki is so sweet, super professional and quick to respond. I loved trading with her and as soon as my credit cards are back in the clear, I will probably go blow them up again in her store.

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crafty techno nerd love 

wow - people after my own heart. nerdy and crafty and techie all at the same time.


using self developed modeling tools inspired by nature Nervous System makes gorgeous, gorgeous jewelry

I am inspired to pull out the plastic myself now....

Borrowed a pic from their blog:

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Ali J - marketing your products 

I found this earlier today from Craft Yourself Rich.

Ali J in Australia wrote up this interesting article on selling your stuff.

check it and take a look at her art as well.
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web - more textile design and inspiration images 

Heart Handmade does interviews and features on varying crafty peeps quite regularly. I just saw on their site a feature for Sleep Dream Play another textile designer.

Her blog, shop, bio site.

Flotsam & Jetsam - interesting textures and design

My Funny Eye
- textures and inspiration photos
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Los Angeles is burning 

Yep - it's true. There are forest fires all over LA county right now. the whole city is covered in smoke and smells like a campfire.

check out the LA Fire Department's flickr stream for more really creepy beautiful images.
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more arty fun 

after the last unsuccessful project below, I decided to work on repeats again but try the old school approach. I saw this post a while back and thought it would be fun to try. Check out Julia Rothman's site, she has some interesting art up there.

results - I need to work on cutting an lining up the paper, but it's fun. All hand drawn....

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Printing with stamps 

What a great idea I had, print a flower on some silk... but alas, it was not so successful.

I will share my lack of success with you and if anyone has any tips, please feel free to comment.

The fabric:

The medium:

I have had this stuff in my stash since college. A tiny bit goes along way and it looks really shiny and bronzy when dry.

the fabric all ironed out:

I put some of the paint on cotton batting to make a temporary stamp pad (I could swear I saw this on the small object, but can't find it anywhere on her site) UPDATE - I FOUND THE TUTE Jezzeblog

Ink/paint all soaked into the batting:

Here are the final results - really disappointing....

the best one

the worst one

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