Ali J - marketing your products 

I found this earlier today from Craft Yourself Rich.

Ali J in Australia wrote up this interesting article on selling your stuff.

check it and take a look at her art as well.
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web - more textile design and inspiration images 

Heart Handmade does interviews and features on varying crafty peeps quite regularly. I just saw on their site a feature for Sleep Dream Play another textile designer.

Her blog, shop, bio site.

Flotsam & Jetsam - interesting textures and design

My Funny Eye
- textures and inspiration photos
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Los Angeles is burning 

Yep - it's true. There are forest fires all over LA county right now. the whole city is covered in smoke and smells like a campfire.

check out the LA Fire Department's flickr stream for more really creepy beautiful images.
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more arty fun 

after the last unsuccessful project below, I decided to work on repeats again but try the old school approach. I saw this post a while back and thought it would be fun to try. Check out Julia Rothman's site, she has some interesting art up there.

results - I need to work on cutting an lining up the paper, but it's fun. All hand drawn....

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Printing with stamps 

What a great idea I had, print a flower on some silk... but alas, it was not so successful.

I will share my lack of success with you and if anyone has any tips, please feel free to comment.

The fabric:

The medium:

I have had this stuff in my stash since college. A tiny bit goes along way and it looks really shiny and bronzy when dry.

the fabric all ironed out:

I put some of the paint on cotton batting to make a temporary stamp pad (I could swear I saw this on the small object, but can't find it anywhere on her site) UPDATE - I FOUND THE TUTE Jezzeblog

Ink/paint all soaked into the batting:

Here are the final results - really disappointing....

the best one

the worst one

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web site wandering 

Just got up from a nap and wandered the web a bit...

Model Elyse Sewell has a Live journal and she's blogging from all over the world with some really cool photos. She's kinda of raunchy and I started to skip the actual text and just look at the pictures after awhile. Her photos of Hong Kong are really cool.

Have a look.

I'm so glad I never went into modeling - I like to eat too much :)

found at the tiny little girl... via some one on Maquette.

and how cool would a crafty tour of England be? Awesome and someone has done it. Check out the Great British Craft Tour here.

and via some one in Maquette's blog roll.... Nod Young - really cool artist.

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Doodling with string 

I whipped this up on a whim and ended up swapping it on craftster. I love it but it would never get worn. I think it's better to trade with someone else who WILL wear it.

what do you think?
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Kirin Notebook 

Have I mentioned that I love Kirin Notebook and her fabric before?

She's posted a great article on the tips to starting a small craft business on her site here.

I apparently am on my way with all items down to #5 covered - then it gets a little wonky. :) I still have 6, 7, 8 and 10 to go...
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I'm not much of an interior design person - my place is how my place is. While I dream a beautiful minimalistic place with blond maple floors, the reality is that I'm too clutter and pack rat oriented to have that sort of space to live in.

I still love to look at the home decor sites and decor8 is no exception.

I was very happy to stumble across an entry in the archives about turning patterns into products. It's got a lot of information and a few popular designers as well as agents piped in to add in their own information.

check out the post here.
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lunch time drawing 

I plunked my rear end down in a park a few blocks from the office the other day hoping to do some quick sketches of the squirrels getting ready for winter. None of the would hold still long enough for me to get a good sketch started so I picked a more suitable model...

I took the photo using the camera on my new G1 (wish it wasn't soooo blue - that paper is bright white!)
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