New Year - New Stuff 

Another year down!!

This time last year, I was struggling with what to do with my career. I switched teams in Jan 08 and I think I made a good decision staying at the company, but working for someone else. The last year has been great working with all the folks around the world that keep the local websites up and running.

Next year will be much more creative. Husband and I have had much fun this last year just playing with the money we have instead of being responsible.

09 will see a switch - while we will still not be saving much, we will be improving our personal portfolios and creating more art. We have resolved to collaborate on a few projects and improve the state of our personal studio production capability. That means, buying a vacuum chamber, pre-production and production of several photo shoots, me learning how to use the CNC machine in engraving mode, taking classes and generally being much more serious about our art.

On another side note - I'm working on another pattern that should be done soon. It's one of the most complex pieces I've worked on so far, requiring more shading than I usually do and significantly more components. It is making me want to pull my hair out in bunches (see my "I HATE ADOBE" post below).

Last night I sat down to work on the new design again and decided I really just needed a short break before working on it so, I made the simple pattern below. I present dots and stripes:

Have a good new year!!
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David Byrne 

I have always liked Talking Heads - I listened to all the songs on the radio growing up. I thought many of David Byrne's lyrics were just weird and indecipherable - meant to be nonsense or for people who were in the "know" though. But in the last 15 years or so, since Mr. Byrne has gone solo I have come to have a deep love of a much larger group of his music. I have a few songs that I can listen to over and over and over again.

My husband is a much bigger fan that I and has just about every David Byrne album and some of the Talking Heads albums. He seriously GETS David Byrne. I swear if they ever met - they would be best friends. Husband has missed meeting him 3 times for various reasons. Our friend who is a sound engineer had a recording session with Mr. Byrne and forgot that my husband LOVES his music. And that's just one of the 3 examples.

The latest album he did with Brian Eno, "Everything That Happens Will Happen Today," is fantastic.

I am seriously in love with his music now - especially the new album.

Please, please, please, go listen. AND listen to it more than once even if you aren't 100% into it. It took 3 listens for the lyrics to really sink into my head and now I love it.

My personal favorites:

- Home
- Everything That Happens Will Happen Today
- Life is Long
- Strange Overtones

Husband and I cooked and cleaned yesterday, all the while listening to this album and They Might Be Giants.
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I got frustrated in Illustrator again - just because it takes me sooooo much more time than Flash.

That is until today!

I opened Flash CS3 just to sketch something out real quick AND it doesn't work like it used to!! The point selector (white arrow) now uses handles!!

At least the line selector (black arrow) lets you bend the curves as always or I think I would have cried.



end temper tantrum...

back to your regular blog....
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scarflette pattern in the craftster pattern archive! 

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Purse issue solved  

I have purchased a new purse!! FINALLY

If you will remember from WAY back last March or so I started on this road to find a bright orange purse with lots of pockets.

well - I didn't end up with orange. :P BUT I did find one that is perfect in all other regards.

Jill·E Designs makes a very purse looking camera bag. so that is what I got. It's a nylon brown bag with camera bag style dividers inside so I can arrange everything how I want it. Go take a look.

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Merry christmas! 

happy holidays to everyone in blogland!

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k24 and a busy weekend 

We didn't end up at space15twenty again, but we did have a lovely lunch with Jane and Gerry. The boys listening (Gerry on the right, Lee on the left).

and Jane gabbing as usual (my favorite thing about her):

topics included: Jackson Pollock and his awesome thoughts on art and how suck his actual art was, Andy Warhol, Science Fiction, how the recession sucks, and many many other topics.


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more space15twenty 

we will be hanging with Hurricane Jane and her hubby Gerry tomorrow at Kitchen 24 and probably making our second trip to space15twenty in 2 days. Today we visited to pick up the Murakami exhibition book at Hennessey + Ingalls.

as I promised before, here are some shots of the building:

and my personal favorite shot of the day:

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pretty broken glass 

Took this photo yesterday while wandering around at lunch

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Kimono Tagging 

So kimono reincarnate got tagged and invited readers to do the tag them selves, so here goes:

7 random facts about me:

1) I'm afraid of heights - even in pictures, on TV, video games and movies. My feet tingle like they are going to sleep when I see a sequence that is too long in a film or video game or on TV.

2) I hate real bees and love cartoon bees. I completely freak out if a bee is flying near me, but cartoon bees are the cutest.

3) the traditional domestic arts are not my forte - cooking, cleaning, etc. I kinda suck at all of them. Crafts, no problem, but ask me to make a cake and you are risking your digestive system

4) I have big feet

5) I have more than one favorite color

6) The women on my father's side of the family all look very similar, tall, brown hair, green or brown eyes. My grandmother, her twin, her twin's daughter and I look so similar that the only way you can tell us apart in photos is mine and my cousin's are in color and I'm wearing 70's styles as opposed to 60's like my cousin.

7) My dad is the one who taught me how to sew when I was in high school. My mom is visually impaired and cannot see well enough at that scale to sew. My dad actually learned to sew for his drama degree so showed me how to use the machine an follow patterns.

I'm not good about doing chain letter type stuff, so if you read this and want to join the fun, feel free.

And I leave you with a photo - a shot of an alley way stair case on the way from the Ebisu Tokyo metro station to Arco tower:

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